Platform chukchi0618_unit_595
Autonomous Real-time Marine Mammal Detections

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

DMON/LFDCS realtime results: Platform unit_595

Species call counts:


Platform location:


Mapped call counts:


Background noise:


Daily tally tables:

Date/timeFin whaleBeluga whaleBearded sealBowhead whaleWalrusAir gunOtherDurationTracks
06/12/18 16:36:2300000000Map66.7187-168.1886
06/12/18 16:44:0701002042463PTMap66.7187-168.1886
06/12/18 16:59:0722016059900PTMap66.7196-168.1834
06/12/18 17:14:070100650207900PTMap66.7206-168.1782
06/12/18 17:29:07060310119900PTMap66.7216-168.1730
06/12/18 17:44:0700000031900Map66.7226-168.1678
06/12/18 17:59:07110020144900Map66.7236-168.1626
06/12/18 18:14:07111100196900Map66.7245-168.1574
06/12/18 18:29:071012100119900PTMap66.7255-168.1522
06/12/18 18:37:1600014090489PTMap66.7265-168.1470
06/12/18 20:31:2800000000Map66.7205-168.1181
06/12/18 20:44:0731045074758PTMap66.7205-168.1181
06/12/18 20:59:0771019121139900PTMap66.7217-168.1123
06/12/18 21:14:078117111126900Map66.7230-168.1065
06/12/18 21:29:07220050120900PTMap66.7242-168.1007
06/12/18 21:44:07800440157900Map66.7254-168.0949
06/12/18 21:59:07600420109900Map66.7266-168.0891
06/12/18 22:14:07601150150900Map66.7278-168.0833
06/12/18 22:29:07610130128900PT
06/12/18 22:30:5400001021107

Tallies of classified calls are reported by the DMON every 15 minutes
Pitch tracks of individual calls are reported at a maximum rate of 8 KB per hour
While all detected calls are tallied in the table above, they are not all reported as pitch tracks
Only calls with an average amplitude of 11 dB above background or higher are tallied and reported as pitch tracks
Only calls with a Mahalanobis distance less than 3 are tallied
Other indicates all calls/sounds not found in the call library
Listening duration is period over which calls were detected (seconds)
All dates/times in AKDT time zone


DMON/LFDCS Diagnostics

Platform diagnostics