Surface dialog
Last Iridium call06/03/17 07:53:22
Call statusDropped
Current mission
Reason for last surfacing
Waypoint latitude29.4470
Waypoint longitude-86.5862
Distance to next waypoint86.0 km
Ground speed
Ground speed
Water depth-1.0 m
Total distance traveled218.6 km
Total time deployed17.9 days
Battery voltage12.92 V
Aft leak detect voltage2.5 V
Forward leak detect voltage
Daily consumption (surfacings)
Battery capacity used77.4 A-hr
Battery capacity remaining50.8 %
Date 80% battery used
Date 90% battery used
Date 100% battery used
Vacuum7.7 in Hg
Mission status0
Errors (t/m/s)
Warnings (t/m/s)
Oddities (t/m/s)

SBD data
Date/time (local)06/03/17 07:43:26
Distance to next waypoint86.1 km
Total distance traveled244.0 km
Total time deployed17.9 days
Average travel speed (km/hr)0.57 km/hr
Average travel speed (knots)0.31 knots
Water depth
Altitude10.4 m