Date/time (local)LatitudeLongitudeNotes
06/26/16 02:32:4140.2607-73.2198Interesting noise in p5-6.
06/26/16 03:32:4140.2607-73.2198Some interesting pitch tracks, but none are convincing.
06/26/16 09:32:4140.2607-73.2198Upsweep in p4 not enough for possibly RW.
06/26/16 11:32:4140.2607-73.2198Lots of noise in this period.
06/26/16 15:02:4140.2607-73.2198What is very long tone in p11-12?
06/26/16 16:32:4140.2607-73.2198Lots of noise in this period.
06/26/16 18:02:4140.2607-73.2198Upsweep in p5, but shape isn't great and not classified.