Date/time (local)LatitudeLongitudeNotes
07/19/16 05:32:4140.2607-73.2198Long ship tonals.
07/19/16 08:32:4140.2607-73.2198Long ship tonals.
07/19/16 10:02:4140.2607-73.2198Mark left off here.
07/19/16 10:32:4140.2607-73.2198Julianne started analysis here.
07/19/16 21:02:4140.2607-73.2198Upsweeping pitch track in P2 that has some artifacts but is fairly isolated, possibly just noise.
07/19/16 23:32:4140.2607-73.2198Some increased noise near the end of this period, skeptical of anything that looks like a call.
07/19/16 23:47:4140.2607-73.2198Another upsweeping pitch track in P7 that's even lower quality than the last. It's not fully pitch tracked and is very faint.