Date/time (local)LatitudeLongitudeNotes
12/27/19 01:55:2434.1098-119.7742Many faint Hf tones but fairly sporadic
12/27/19 05:55:2434.1098-119.7742Many faint pulses at 800 Hz
12/27/19 06:25:2434.1098-119.7742Panel 9 has lots of faint pulses, but nothing looks particularly patterned or distinctive
12/27/19 07:55:2434.1098-119.7742More faint sporadic 800 Hz pulsing
12/27/19 09:40:2434.1098-119.7742Downswept signal in panel 2 looks too short & isolated to be convincing for blue whale call
12/27/19 15:25:2434.1098-119.7742Return faint 800 Hz pulses
12/27/19 15:40:2434.1098-119.7742More 800 Hz pulses
12/27/19 15:55:2434.1098-119.7742800 Hz pulses
12/27/19 18:10:2434.1098-119.7742LF signals not well patterned here, likely not biological
12/27/19 21:25:2434.1098-119.7742Possible B call in panel 6 at around 5s, but very short & isolated, also not classified as B so not very convinced, leaving blue as not detected for now
12/27/19 21:55:2434.1098-119.7742HF signal in panel 14 is fairly strong, but looks too ragged to be especially convincing for biological noise
12/27/19 22:10:2434.1098-119.7742Lots of HF faint background noise here
12/27/19 22:25:2434.1098-119.7742Continue faint HF background signals
12/27/19 23:55:2434.1098-119.7742Several faint pulses around 400Hz