Date/time (local)LatitudeLongitudeNotes
01/11/20 00:40:2434.1098-119.7742Pulses classified as fin too sporadic
01/11/20 08:10:2434.1098-119.7742Lf pulses too sporadic for fin
01/11/20 08:25:2434.1098-119.7742LF pulses still too sporadic to be convincing for fin
01/11/20 08:55:2434.1098-119.7742Sporadic lf signals
01/11/20 09:55:2434.1098-119.7742Sporadic lf pulses
01/11/20 10:55:2434.1098-119.7742Faint 600hz signals look fairly smooth but not patterned enough to be convincing for humpback
01/11/20 12:40:2434.1098-119.7742Many chaotic Hf signals, not likely biological
01/11/20 13:10:2434.1098-119.7742Many rapid faint 100 Hz pulses
01/11/20 13:25:2434.1098-119.7742Continue 100hz pulses
01/11/20 19:25:2434.1098-119.7742Low frequency downsweep in panel 5 but too low and short for blue
01/11/20 21:40:2434.1098-119.7742Many faint sporadic signals around 100 Hz
01/11/20 21:55:2434.1098-119.7742More sporadic faint 100 Hz
01/11/20 22:10:2434.1098-119.7742More 100 Hz signals
01/11/20 22:55:2434.1098-119.7742Many sporadic hf faint signals likely background noise
01/11/20 23:10:2434.1098-119.7742Continue faint high frequency signals likely background