Date/time (local)LatitudeLongitudeNotes
06/26/16 02:18:0043.1754-65.6882HW social sounds in P4, P6?
06/26/16 03:12:3743.1734-65.6907IPI not constant on fin whale series
06/26/16 04:18:0043.1671-65.6828RW upcall not convincing. HW sound in P7?
06/26/16 07:33:0043.1418-65.5459Some faint HF tonals; not confident enough for humpback
06/26/16 09:10:4743.1356-65.5152Many spurious pitch tracks in p14-15. Maybe the CTD turned on here? That would be interesting to check...
06/26/16 15:16:1043.1017-65.5546Fin: 4 pulses classified in p14 but intervals are irregular and amplitudes vary. Amid other noise. Not confident enough for possible.
06/26/16 17:15:2443.0880-65.5266Many spurious pitch tracks in p14-15. Again, maybe the CTD on?
06/26/16 18:33:0043.0809-65.5145Interesting loud, "moan-like" tonal in p14
06/26/16 19:12:4443.0715-65.4789p14-15: many spurious pitch tracks including several classified fin not in pattern
06/26/16 21:18:0043.0545-65.4599p16-17: several upcalls classified amid noise - almost definitely spurious
06/26/16 23:10:5043.0356-65.4698p13-16 very noisy pitch tracks