Sei whale:

Date/time (local)OccurrenceLatitudeLongitudeNotes
06/27/16 12:18:00Detected42.9900-65.3703Sei: p2, 1 downsweeo classified in a clear doublet. Detected


Date/time (local)LatitudeLongitudeNotes
06/27/16 00:18:0043.0288-65.4671Sei: 1 nice looking downsweep in p9 that's classified humpback call type 17. Not enough for possible
06/27/16 05:18:0043.0120-65.5015Sei: faint, unclassified single downsweep in p12. Not enough for possible
06/27/16 07:33:0043.0060-65.4152Right: 1 faint, ugly classified upcall. Not confident it's legit.
06/27/16 08:18:0043.0011-65.4105Some tonal sounds that might be humpback social calls, but not confident. Also there may be a faint, unclassified doublet in p5
06/27/16 09:10:1242.9972-65.3815Lot's of noise in p13, 14, 15 (maybe ctd on again?)
06/27/16 10:18:0042.9920-65.3759Many MF tonals. Could be humpback tonals but nothing repeated in pattern. Also several faint double downsweeps but none are classified.
06/27/16 11:22:4942.9845-65.3699More noise in p13-14
06/27/16 12:18:0042.9900-65.3703Sei: p2, 1 downsweeo classified in a clear doublet. Detected
06/27/16 13:17:2442.9889-65.3854p13-14 ctd(?) noise
06/27/16 15:12:0442.9855-65.3896p13-15 ctd(?) noise
06/27/16 17:11:5542.9752-65.3683p15-16 (ctd?) noise with one louder classified upcall. Not convincing enough for possible, but worth review later
06/27/16 23:25:2442.9245-65.3044p13-14 (ctd?) noise