Date/time (local)LatitudeLongitudeNotes
07/01/16 01:18:0042.5468-64.9981p12 1 isolated loud MF sweep. Amplitude distribution is a little weird. Not confident enough for possible humpback.
07/01/16 01:33:0042.5450-64.9968p4 another MF sweep with a strange amplitude distribution. Taken with the previous record I would have given possible humpback, but each in isolation is not enough.
07/01/16 04:18:0042.5329-65.0232Some interesting LF tonals, all unclassified and difficult to attribute to a particular species.
07/01/16 05:33:0042.5240-65.0156Some faint HF tonals that are likely spurious
07/01/16 12:18:0042.4648-64.9480p3 unknown LF noise
07/01/16 15:13:3042.4229-64.9844unknown spurious noise in p12
07/01/16 20:18:0042.4411-64.9737Sei: p9 faint doublet - one classified as 17. Another 17 of similar amplitude in p11 amid other noise. Borderline possible. I'm going to be conservative and say not detected.