Date/time (local)LatitudeLongitudeNotes
07/11/16 08:18:0042.6908-64.7924Some faint HF tonals that look spurious
07/11/16 09:18:0042.6847-64.7838Humpback: There is a tonal at ~150 Hz that is repeated several times in the record, often with a higher frequency, faint tonal associated with it. The HF signal makes me question if this signal is biological and not just a spurious track of a repeated broadband noise. Borderline, but going with not detected.
07/11/16 17:18:0042.6286-64.7568p10 several upsweep type tonals with strange amplitude distributions. Not enough for possible
07/11/16 21:18:0042.5713-64.7038p8 uknown LF tonals