Humpback whale:

Date/time (local)OccurrenceLatitudeLongitudeNotes
12/19/19 00:38:51Possibly detected44.1851-67.2232MF ds
12/19/19 01:05:57Possibly detected44.1856-67.2208MF downsweeps
12/19/19 01:20:57Possibly detected44.1861-67.2188 MF downsweeps
12/19/19 01:35:57Possibly detected44.1866-67.2169Many MF downsweeps, humpback likely
12/19/19 01:50:57Possibly detected44.1871-67.2149MF downseeeps, and possible faint song panels 13-15
12/19/19 02:20:57Possibly detected44.1880-67.2110Faint MF downsweeps
12/19/19 02:56:48Possibly detected44.1894-67.2054MF downsweep panel 2
12/19/19 03:35:57Possibly detected44.1878-67.2044Patterned pulses? MF downsweeps P 13&15
12/19/19 03:50:57Detected44.1858-67.2053
12/19/19 04:05:57Detected44.1839-67.2061
12/19/19 04:50:57Possibly detected44.1780-67.2086MF downsweeps likely humpback?
12/19/19 05:05:57Possibly detected44.1761-67.2095Probable downsweeps + a few questionable ones in panel 15
12/19/19 05:16:10Possibly detected44.1741-67.2103Downsweeps; classified upcall but unlikely NARW in P5
12/19/19 05:35:57Possibly detected44.1716-67.2134MF downsweep/ tonals
12/19/19 05:50:57Possibly detected44.1656-67.2183More MF downsweep tonals
12/19/19 07:05:57Possibly detected44.1375-67.2360Some possible scattered downsweeps
12/19/19 21:05:57Possibly detected43.9857-67.2634More regular MF downsweeps starting in panel 13, probably humpback


Date/time (local)LatitudeLongitudeNotes
12/19/19 00:38:5144.1851-67.2232MF ds
12/19/19 01:05:5744.1856-67.2208MF downsweeps
12/19/19 01:20:5744.1861-67.2188 MF downsweeps
12/19/19 01:35:5744.1866-67.2169Many MF downsweeps, humpback likely
12/19/19 01:50:5744.1871-67.2149MF downseeeps, and possible faint song panels 13-15
12/19/19 02:05:5744.1875-67.2130MF Downsweeps. Possible faint song P5&6
12/19/19 02:20:5744.1880-67.2110Faint MF downsweeps
12/19/19 02:56:4844.1894-67.2054MF downsweep panel 2
12/19/19 03:35:5744.1878-67.2044Patterned pulses? MF downsweeps P 13&15
12/19/19 04:50:5744.1780-67.2086MF downsweeps likely humpback?
12/19/19 05:05:5744.1761-67.2095Probable downsweeps + a few questionable ones in panel 15
12/19/19 05:16:1044.1741-67.2103Downsweeps; classified upcall but unlikely NARW in P5
12/19/19 05:35:5744.1716-67.2134MF downsweep/ tonals
12/19/19 05:50:5744.1656-67.2183More MF downsweep tonals
12/19/19 06:05:5744.1599-67.2218Possible MF tonals but not great pitchtracks
12/19/19 06:50:5744.1431-67.2325Looks to be more noise and artifact pitch tracks
12/19/19 07:05:5744.1375-67.2360Some possible scattered downsweeps
12/19/19 07:20:5744.1319-67.2395Louder but looks more artifact
12/19/19 07:50:5744.1232-67.2449Pitch tracks faint and look pretty artifacty, could be humpback but not convincing at all
12/19/19 08:05:5744.1143-67.2502Possible faint humpback panel 2, extremely unlikely
12/19/19 09:05:5744.0866-67.2634Possible faint calls P10&11 but likely noise
12/19/19 10:50:5744.0475-67.2774possible start of faint humpback starting P9 but likely noise
12/19/19 11:05:5744.0448-67.2772Possible faint humpback but not convincing
12/19/19 14:05:5744.0310-67.2633Possible faint HF calls in P15 but unlikely
12/19/19 14:43:3144.0321-67.2577Possible LF tonals (humpback?) P4
12/19/19 15:05:5744.0357-67.2533Looks more like noise P2
12/19/19 15:20:5744.0362-67.2516possible humpback low freq tonals, P 5-9 &11, but not regular and unlikely, marking not detected
12/19/19 15:50:5744.0365-67.2490possible low freq faint scattered humpback (esp P11), but not convincing, marking not detected
12/19/19 16:05:5744.0366-67.2476A few possible low frequency tonals (P6) but could just be noise
12/19/19 17:00:1244.0372-67.2424Classified fins and any other possible fin pulses are too far apart
12/19/19 17:35:5744.0347-67.2411possible LF faint tonals here but not likely
12/19/19 17:50:5744.0319-67.2424Possible faint calls, but looks more like noise. Even almost possible upcall P12 but highly unlikely
12/19/19 18:05:5744.0291-67.2437P13 could almost be a faint upcall but unlikey
12/19/19 18:50:5744.0207-67.2477Few possible scattered humpback LF tonals (P12-14) and weird pitch tracks P16, but not convincing
12/19/19 19:05:5744.0179-67.2490Classified upcall P3 has terrible tracks, does not look like NARW; other scattered possible humpback MF Downsweeps and tonals (P 7,8&10) but not convincing and looks noisy
12/19/19 20:20:5743.9986-67.2576Possible moans but likely just noise P2
12/19/19 20:50:5743.9908-67.2613Scattered MF downsweeps P 5-10 &15 (humpback?)
12/19/19 21:05:5743.9857-67.2634More regular MF downsweeps starting in panel 13, probably humpback
12/19/19 21:43:2443.9704-67.2698A few possible faint MF downsweeps
12/19/19 22:05:5743.9672-67.2708Likely just noise