Date/time (local)LatitudeLongitudeNotes
02/06/20 00:50:5743.3189-70.2724Almost possible humpback scattered
02/06/20 01:35:5743.3172-70.2800Almost possible humpback
02/06/20 02:05:5743.3162-70.2867Almost possible humpback
02/06/20 02:50:5743.3148-70.2967Almost possible humpback P14
02/06/20 04:05:5743.3139-70.3105A few possible humpback upsweeps
02/06/20 11:50:5743.2895-70.3214 possible upcall P16. Another couple precarious pitch tracks right after and before, but lots of noise this period
02/06/20 12:50:5743.2867-70.3147Lots of curious tracks, most likely all noise
02/06/20 18:50:5743.2839-70.2482Lots of noise